Area Manager
Kuruman, Northern Cape
Posted 23 November 2018

Job Details

Job Description

Position Overview

An area manager, who focuses on both aftermarket and capital segments within their business



The incumbent must possess strong technical, sales and marketing skills and must be knowledgeable

in the applicable areas of mining and trackless mining equipment.

The position requires an individual with good business acumen who is able to work independently.


Sound communication and presentation skills are important, and developing and maintaining

healthy professional relationships with the various stakeholders, which are crucial to the success of this position.


Other commercial and administrative functions will form part of the duties and the employee

must be fully conversant with all related functions .


The employee will be required to manage all facets of their business unit, including but not

 limited to, capital and aftermarket growth and management  , client retention and 

new business creation

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing operations, developing business and increase profitability
  • Implement business strategy specific to area of operation, as established by the Head of Department.
  • Detailing annual business operating plans, setting quarterly and annual budgets
  • Recruit staff and monitor performance ( understand HR policies) , with the possibility of training and mentorship
  • Sales & marketing activities in respective geographic area/s
  • Developing Client specific sales strategies to support the sales vision as prescribed by the Head of Department
  • Implementation of established sales policies, practices and procedures
  • Perform competitor technical product analysis as well as pricing analysis
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies for new market segments
  • Ensure retention and growth of existing Clients
  • Continuous engagement and collaboration with engineering and production departments
  • Packaging of proposal /tenders for mining sector
  • Understanding of commercial law is advantageous
  • Networking with industry professional and stakeholders in mining sector
  • Attending to commercial contracts, remedies and negotiation for deviant conditions.
  • Creates opportunities, negotiates and closes business deals and maintains

     extensive industry and product knowledge  

  • Effectively supports existing clients to ensure Client retention
  • Market analysis , identify and promote company’s sustainable competitive advantages
  • Travelling to mine , underground visits to assess problems and determine suitability of

         mining machinery for the application


Key Performance Areas / Indicators



  • Holistic approach and management of all facets of area business
  • Manage and lead staff
  • Co-ordinate Fermel deliverables and Client expectations



  • Detailed and accurate forecasting , budgets , financial statements



  • Submit reports timeously
  • Update and check content of reports before submission
  • Accurate forecasting



  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to compile costings
  • Ability to compile tenders
  • Ability to prepare quotations
  • Response time



  • Seeks new business potential
  • Seeks to increase market share



  • Product knowledge and application
  • Understands distinctive features and advantages of machines
  • Involvement to provide head-office with feedback for further equipment development /refinement



    • Conducts market research on similar products
    • Ability to conduct comparative analysis



  • Level of interaction at mine
  • Frequency of interaction
  • General disposition and relationship with Clients
  • Client response time
  • Accounts must be rust profitably
  • Build relationships with Clients , based on our ability to provide holistic solutions



    • Interaction with production to ascertain build status
    • Ability to resolve conflicts between engineering and production which negatively impact build progress
    • Interaction with engineering departments (product info , updates, product development )
    • Successful implementation of vehicle to fleet  , commissioning , follow up and relevant feedback



  • Understanding of commercial aspects ( T & C’s of order )
  • Understanding of CONTRACTS which often accompany purchase orders



  • Understanding and ability to package rental agreements
  • Understanding and ability to package installment sale agreements
  • Structure finance deals



  • Ability to execute presentation professionally
  • Ability to compile a meaningful and comprehensive presentation to warrant the attention

of audience



  • Utilizes updated product information
  • Invites Clients to head office or flagship sites
  • Uses website, videos, material on an on-going basis
  • Introduce new technology and our unique capabilities


                SERVICE SUPPORT

  • Responsible for co-ordinating efforts between new sales and service support ,namely ,Manage stock in area Identify critical spares and components and replenish when required
  • Manage the handover process of new equipment and or vehicle implementation phase
  • Manage area technicians / service backup