Tranformation Specialist
Johannesburg South, Gauteng
Posted 15 May 2019

Job Details

Job Description

There is an immediate vacancy for a Transformation Specialist in the Human Resource Department, based at Fermel Wadeville, reporting to the Transformation Director.


Main Objectives:

Delivery and implementation of BEE policies, procedures and initiatives in line with legislative and compliance requirements, as well as, strategic Business and HR objectives.



  • Planning
  • Implement BBBEE plan for the company
  • Train subsidiaries on Implementation Plan



  • Identify, establish and maintain effective working relationships with key managers across the organisation who have a material impact on the outcomes of BBBEE in the company.
  • Manage and coordinate the BBBEE process in an efficient manner and guide the BBBEE stake holders for the target levels to be achieved at operational level
  • Train all BBBEE stake holders on the relevant Codes of Good Practice
  • Meet monthly with Operations to assist in assessing the BBBEE status
  • Implement processes and policies to ensure compliance and improvement of scores
  • Monitor monthly progress with regards to each operation BBBEE status via the BBBEE tool
  • Escalate concerns to the Transformation Director for intervention
  • Conduct mini-audits across operations, at least one in addition to the actual annual verification3.

Change Management

  • Ability to implement the plan in a smooth and efficient manner as well providing continuous feedback to all stakeholders
  • Apply a structured change management approach and methodology for specific projects and initiatives
  • Develop a change management strategy based on a situational awareness of the details of the change and the groups being impacted by the change
  • Identify potential people-side risks and anticipated points of resistance, and develop specific plans to mitigate or address the concerns
  • Support the execution of plans by employee-facing managers and business leaders
  • Identify resistance and performance gaps, and work to develop and implement corrective actions
  • Create and enable reinforcement mechanisms and celebrations of success
  • Work with marketing, training and HR specialists in the formulation of particular plans and activities to support project implementation


Compliance and Reporting

  • Educating and informing of developments on the B-BBEE Codes and other sector specific issues.
  • Manage the annual BBEE Verifications by appointed Verification agency
  • Monitoring and reporting to Board Director using weekly B-BBEE Reports
  • Managing the BBBEE scorecard scenarios required for annual planning and guidance



  • Assist in designing and setting up relevant employee committees such as Employment Equity, Skills Development, Transformation and Diversity committees
  • Assist in setting up a fair and objective nomination process for electing members to the various committees
  • Coordinate monthly meetings of the BBBEE Committee including the preparation and presentation of monthly reports on BBBEE Programs to be reviewed in said meetings, as well as drafting and publication of minutes
  • Conduct information sessions with BBBEE Committee to highlight major changes, concerns, strategies, action plan.
  • Set up committee annual meeting calendar.

  Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Managing internal reporting including the monthly BBBEE Scorecards
    • Review and analyse the monthly BBBEE data reports and make recommendations or initiate corrective action
    • Keep updated with changes and developments in BBBEE legislation and regulations
      Work closely with the consulting company to ensure that all data submitted is complete and accurate.

Experience & Educational Requirements:

  • Matric
  • A Diploma or degree coupled with other BEE/HR related courses and experience in managing BBBEE and transformation within a medium sizes company
  • 3-5 years BEE Experience

Skills/Attributes Requirements:

  • Ability to work under pressure and according to tight deadlines within a very complex organisational structure.
  • Very professional and extremely confidential
  • Excellent mediation skills with the ability to assist in finding suitable and viable resolutions
  • Ability to Positively persuade and influence others
  • Strong attention to detail and tendency to do thing right for the first time
  • High propensity for change and a natural inclination to drive and manage change in the organisation
  • Consistent follow through on task and project through to completion
  • Diplomacy and exceptional people skills in engaging a various level of the organisation
  • A Passion and drive to personal development and development of others
  • Advanced computer literacy particularly in Word, Excel and PowerPoint Programmes
  • Passionate about BBBEE and Social Responsibility.

Knowledge Requirements:

  • In-Depth Knowledge, understanding and application of BBBEE legislation, Amended B-BBEE Codes, Policies and practices
  • General Business management understanding across functional departments